Welcome Loveland Auto Auction Dealers
Welcome Auto Dealers!

LAA welcomes new dealers to the auction! If you are new dealer please read over the information below and the rest of the website to better inform yourself of the rules and procedures of LAA. Feel free to contact us anytime with any question or concern you may have.

We need all buyers to complete a registration form at our auction before you can purchase or sell at Loveland Auto Auction.  The form must be filled out and returned to the auction with a copy of your dealers license, bond and credit rating form from your bank. If your state requires Salesman’s License, we must get a copy of this for any buyer/seller that will attend the Auction. After approval, you will be ready to buy cars at the Loveland Auto Auction and have access to our online Dealer Tools.

When you arrive at the auction please go to the counter and ask for a bidder badge (they will also ask for some ID.) Do not bring your customers to the auction, this is a Dealers only Auction! At this time you are ok to go onto the lot to look and test drive vehicles. If you want to road test a vehicle, please go to the gate for a test drive slip. If the vehicle is damaged while in your position on the road you will be responsible for the damages.

While in the lanes if you want to purchase a car you must listen to the auctioneer, and make bids based on his calling price. If you are having trouble understanding the auctioneer get the attention of the Ring Man, he will help you understand the auctioneer. The bidding goes fast so it is important to know the vehicle you are bidding on, and know what price you are willing to pay for the vehicle. Every vehicle purchased will have a Buyers Fee added to the price. For more information on lane schedules, buyer/seller fees, lot layout, market reports and next sale inventory be sure to visit Dealer Tools after you register.

After you are done purchasing the vehicles you must go inside the office and pay for all of the vehicles. At this point in time you will receive a gate pass for each vehicle, which is required to exit a vehicle from the premises. Colorado law requires that a title be delivered within 30 days of the sell date, our rules conform to this law. If you have further questions please contact us via e-mail or phone us at 970.669.4994.