LAA Auto Auction Online Dealer Tools
LAA Dealer Tools Overview

At Loveland Auto Auction we work hard for our dealers to ensure our auction's technology provides them with the tools and information to sell and buy more vehicles.  

We offer a robust suite of online tools and capabilities for our auto dealers.  Be sure to register today and gain access to these powerful online tools offered at Loveland Auto Auction.  After you register your account online, we will activate your account at which time you will be notified via e-mail.  You will then have the ability to login thru our secure site and access the following:


Pre-Sale Listings

Filter and view all pre-sale inventory categorized by lane assignments.


Pre-Sale Search

Perform an online search by selecting the make(s), model(s), and style(s) online. Not only will you be searching Loveland Auto Auction's inventory when you perform an online search, but you will also see any matching results with any of the 60 nation wide private dealer auctions that have what you are looking for. Once done searching, you can save your search to your account profile for easy viewing when you return.


Post-Sale Results

Once a sale has taken place all post-sale results can easily be viewed online. Additionally you will have the ability to customize any post-sale report to show specific results based on make, model, mileage, year and price.


Market Reports

With our market reports tool you will have the ability to enter a VIN number OR search and sort by starting year, ending year, make, model, and style type. Once you have entered your data you will see a summary of results for each year that include the number of vehicles sold and the minimum, maximum, and average for both the sale price and mileage. You can even view transaction details on each vehicle that matches your search.


My Account

With the Account Setup feature online it puts you in control of managing your online profile within our system. Control and mange your account information, E-mail address and password. This ensures you don't miss out on all of the action each Friday at Loveland Auto Auction!

Additional account features specific to your account when logged in on our site include:

  •   Title absent reports for both purchased and sold vehicles
  •   Your LAA sale inventory
  •   All vehicles sole and purchased at Loveland Auto Auction


How To Get An LAA Online Account

Thank you for your interest in joining the LAA online community!
In order to access our online tools you must first ensure you have the following steps completed: